Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kick that damn bucketlist...

This was on my mind since long long ago.To fullfill my bucketlist, before I die.To check each of those tasks, I wanna to do before I die. I exactly don't remember when I started jotting down this bucketlist. It was even before when I watched this movie bucketlist, before this show 'The List' came up on fox travellor, I had my bucketlist. What I learnt in the movie is, I am not gonna meet any Jack Nicholson near my death bed to fulfill my wishes and all you have to work for your bucketlist.

As the days passed, the thingy that kept me worrying on and on was that the list was flowing without anything getting checked. For all our life we will keep on giving reasons of time or money or getting settled. Poor our mind fails to understand that money will always be less no matter how much ever we earn, lack of time remains our critically acclaimed reason and being settled will always remain a myth.

My travel friend says that life is much more than just sipping coffee in the meeting rooms. Somewhere read, Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain -Jack Kerouac. And that's why this bucketlist. Bucketlist of travelling places. Places unheard. Places unseen. Bucketlist of climbing those volcanoes. Bucketlist of riding the tallest roller coaster. Riding the fastest roller coaster. Taking a dip into that deep blue ocean. Meeting your role models. May be life's too short to check this list; but at least you have one.

Bucketlist varies from person to person. When I met this friend of ours who is a commercial pilot, I realized may be my bucketlist is shit for him. Bcuz wats on his bucketlist. To travel Oymyakon where the temperature drops to -30 degrees. Where at times your pee also freezes. He says you guys make plan like that and I will be in for such a plan. Ummm what's the possibility that my dead-body won't be coming back. And what about the pics. How can we click in just freezing cold. Cam lens might broke in such freezing cold. But then sometimes it's about just living that moment leaving everything behind.

So here's wishing me all the best to live that bucketlist. May I see each item checked, while I lay on my death bed. May I meet lot of interesting people while checking this list. May I capture lot of moments in the pics. May I live each moment fully before capturing it. May I capture all the good moments in my notes. And when that first heart beat goes for checking the bucketlist, may I listen to the first one, before the second heart beat intervenes. Bcuz they say, it's that wicked, bitch mind that comes in between two heart beats. May I listen to my first heart beat.