Saturday, October 12, 2013

Notes from Singapore - Day 2

Next day we were on our way to Universal studios. At Universal there were those kiddos. Some playing with those bubble guns, some playing in water fountains. There were parents who accompanied these kiddos. In their arms, on their shoulders. And then there were us. Species with our demographics were rare. So Universal had all these funky stuff. The beauty of Universal is something which cannot be captured in a Blog post. Be it pop-corn stall or be it roasted turkey shop. The cool singers. The candylicious store. Everything designed in a funky manner.

At Universal

Marilyn's has great legs :)
We took the transformer's 4D ride; which gives the feel that you have entered into the movie with characters conversing with you. The mummy ride with effects was scary enough to scare people like us ; although our friend told us that bcuz of some technical glitches, it wasn't the mummy ride to the best. And that also reminds me about the roller coaster ride which was closed that day; due to rains and bad weather. Disappointment unlimited :(, Nevertheless Kingda Ka apparently world's tallest roller coaster and Formula Rossa, fastest roller coaster is on my list already. But this would have been a rehearsal for it:)

Asia's largest candy store

Cool singers
After walking for stretches, we had those yumm waffles. Food makes us happy in a way. By any chance we you have feud with us, do treat with us with waffles and pancakes; of course with perfect toppings. More on pancakes later.

 Roller Coaster not operational :(

Shrek souvenir shop was one of the delights. Divs and crazy one picked some stuff and clicked pics with Shrek & Fiona. Did I mention, that Singapore gotta be land of rules and queues. Even for Shrek and Fione you gotta click your cam once. That lady denied me taking pic with Shrek as we already clicked too many pics. I wish my country had that many rules and those queues too. We took cab from Universal to Fullerton. As we were four people, so cab hopping was preferred. We walked long stretches, from Fullerton to Merlyn, took those cliche pics, sipped coffee and hogged while walking. Although tired but our next stop was Bugis street. If you are shopping freak with shallow pockets, you are at right place. We picked some funky accessories and stuff from this place. 
With Shrek the Dude

At Merlyn

Comfort while walking for stretches
Comfortably Numb
And that's how the day was over. Night was spent at East coast park, beach near Tampines, where we were putting up. Before that did I mention that Singapore gotta be place where things are never lost. We heard about those stories a lot. Of lost passport left in a cab and cab driver making an attempt to return the same to our friend. Of lost pendrive returned. Of lost book which was posted to the address mentioned on the bookmark. For us these were hypothetical stories until we experienced one. When Divs left her cell in the cab towards East coast park and the person in the cab asked us to pick the cell from him at our convenience. We were stunned and believed those stories of lost objects. So, East coast park is this long stretch of beach. Lined up with restaurants. This place has a camping spot, however you ought to book it well in advance. We were there with a cup of coffee, sitting on the bench, chilling in the cold breeze. Some silences. Some talks. Beaches in a way tempts me. I can sit over here for hours. Reading or writing. We liked this place so much that even the next night we were here.

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