Saturday, October 12, 2013

Notes from Singapore - Day 3

Everyone visiting Singapore visits Sentosa and so we did nothing different. My travel friend asked me to ditch flyer and that it's waste of time. Tip followed religiously. Instead we took a cable car ride to sentosa. While flyer will show the entire view moving bit by bit, cable car does the same in fraction of few minutes. Things that stay longer are usually not admired :) But cable car experience was worth it. The top view of virgo cruise, resorts,tropical forest view was worth watching. We went to butterfly park where Divs and crazy one clicked pic with Iguana. For some reasons I have this yucky feel for reptiles. So I preferred being behind the lens. 
Cable Car Ride

Cruise View from cable car
Fake Love
We took a tramp to Siloso beach. If you are a sea food lover, you are at right place. This beach was divided into private beach and a long stretch open for all. This beach had variety of pubs and restaurant. Prawn oglio, fish n chips and Singaporean sling is what we had at 'Coastes'. Singaporean sling is this traditional national drink. Not to describe much; we had one more round of it says it all.
Prawn Oglio at Coastes

Singapore Sling - The traditional drink
View from Siloso beach
Yes I ruined the pic
One of the many funky pubs at Siloso
That day was a national day; so we decided to watch the fireworks at marina bay sands. Traffic played the trick. All the roads leading to marina bay sands were blocked and we took the road to orchard street. Orchard street was this flashy street with all the brands. Prada, Gucci, Zara.....and the list goes on. We shopped at TANGS; of course window shopping. And then hogged. 

Walking, then hogging was a continuous loop 
From orchard street we again hopped cab to Sentosa. That evening was spent at Sentosa watching songs of sea. It's like; if go there, you shouldn't miss it. 

We stopped here after Songs of Sea
Divs at Bora Bora

At East Coast Park
Ahh and did I mention that we visited East coast park again. Dinner was at Jumbo sea food besides east coast park; with the chilli crab. What a delight and what an end to the day!! If you love seafood, this place is absolutely recommended. Me and Divs later had this Durian fruit Mcflurry. Awful taste with a pucky feel. Again we sat at the East coast park. The sea breeze and the laughs. That place indeed had some magnetic effect. 


  1. Perfect...mesmerizing write-up...may the good God bless you with more such trips and blog posts :)